Public Works Department

Public Works Department

The Public Works Department (PWD) maintains and enhances the quality of life for people who live and work in our community. It provides sustainable municipal services, including road repair, sanitary sewers, drainage systems, water supply, flood control dykes and garbage collection.

As well, the PWD provides heavy-duty equipment services.  Working closely with the CAO, the PWD provides input to the District’s infrastructure rehabilitation and replacement program. 

Typical PWD activities include garbage collection, flushing water mains to maintain high water quality, repair of the roads, winter snow clearing, locating and adjusting manholes, relining collapsed sewage pipes, inspecting and repairing underground pipes as well as inspecting and maintaining the District’s dyke, and controlling of the District’s infrastructure such as pump stations.


Public Works: (778) 794-9987
Superintendent Office: (250) 636-2742
Fax: (250) 636-2145