Property Taxes Payment

Property Taxes Payment

For your convenience, there are many ways to pay your Property Taxes in the District of Stewart:

A)  Pay by Internet Banking

  1. Add the District of Stewart Tax as a Payee
  2. Use your Property Roll Number as the “Account number” – this number is located in the top left area of your tax notice. Important:  do not use a decimal point – only the numbers (as shown in the picture below). 

Warning: Penalties will be applied if your financial institution rejects payment or if payment is made after your financial institution’s LOCAL cut off time on the due date.  These payments will be processed with a payment date equal to the next business day.

B) Pay By Telephone Banking

If you are making your payment by Telephone, confirm that your current property roll number is the one registered on your bill payment menu.

When processing your payment via telephone or internet banking, your payment will be subject to penalties if rejected by your financial institution or if you pay after your financial institution's local cut off time on the due date.  These payments will be processed with a "payment date" equal to the next business day.

** If paying by internet or telephone banking, eligible property owners must make sure that they have completed and submitted their Home Owner Grant application to the District's Office. **

C) Pay By Mail

Payments by cheque or money orders, made payable to the District of Stewart, can be mailed to:

District of Stewart
PO Box 460
705 Brightwell Street
Stewart, British Columbia
V0T 1W0

If you are mailing your payment, please allow ample time for your payment to be received at Stewart on or before the due date.  Enclose the stub portion of your bill with your payment.  If you are paying by cheque, record your tax roll number or property address on your cheque.

If you require a receipt from the District of Stewart, please include a self-addressed envelope with appropriate postage, and a receipt will be mailed to you.

D)  Pay Simply - new payment option:

Please be aware that the District of Stewart does not accept credit cards as payment for property taxes - however, you have the opportunity to use your credit card if you make a payment through *Pay Simply*  By clicking on the Pay Simply link, you will be directed to an online payment site with several new options, such as credit card and PayPal, to remit payment.  Use the “Roll Number” as the account number, located on the top left side of your tax notice. 

Depending on the method chosen, there is a small convenience fee as listed below: 

  • Credit card:  2.5%
  • Interac eTransfer:  1.0%
  • PayPal:  2.29%
  • Alipay:  2.5%

E)  Pay in Person:

Payments can be made by debit or cash and cheque or money order made payable to the District of Stewart.
Please note that debit card transactions may be subject to daily transaction limits imposed by your financial institution.