What is H2Notify?

H2Notify is an automated notification system that sends recorded and transcribed messages using phone, text and email. The District of Stewart uses H2Notify to send notifications and provide direction during an emergency event. This service allows every registered number to be reached within minutes.

You will get notified of:

  • Natural Disaster Warnings (Tsunami, Earthquake, Flooding etc.)
  • Avalanche Warnings
  • Evacuation Alerts and Orders
  • Power Outages
  • Warming Centre Activations
  • Road Closures
  • Fire Bans
  • Brown Water Advisories
  • Community Clean-Up Day/Week

How Can I Register for H2Notify?

Click on this link: H2Notify Registration.  

Please note the password will need to have at least 6 letters and contain at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, 1 digit and 1 special character (!@#$%&*() etc.).

If you require assistance to sign up, please visit the District of Stewart main office or call (250) 636-2251.

Do I Have to Provide Both Email and Phone Number?

In order to register for H2Notify, you have to provide an email address. If you do not wish to receive phone calls or text messages, you do not need to provide a phone number when self-registering. However, we strongly recommend providing a phone number to have the option to receive a phone call and/or text messages for emergency alerts. 

Where is My Contact Information Stored?

H2Notify is managed by a Canadian company, H2Safety. All data is stored on the company’s secure servers in Calgary, Alberta.

How Can I Update My Contact Information?

Once registered, your email address becomes your username. You can log back into your account to update and maintain some of your personal information. However, your email address cannot be changed since it is the username for your login. If an email address needs to be changed, a new account will need to be created.

Can I Register Multiple Numbers?

At this time, you can only register one phone number. If you would like to register additional phone numbers, please contact the District of Stewart office. 

What Number is Displayed on Caller ID When a Message Is Delivered?

One of the following numbers will be displayed: 

  • (587) 317-6721
  • (587) 317-6722
  • (587) 317-6723
  • (587) 317-6724

We recommend that you add these numbers to your phone contact list. 

Will I Be Prompted to Respond to a Message?

Depending on the situation, a response may be requested from you. This will be in the form of simple questions and you will use the numbers on your phone to respond yes or no.

Will There Be Follow-up Messages to Update Me of the Situation?

After the initial message, we will send updates as necessary and also once the emergency has passed. 

Will My Contact Information Be Transferred from One Call Now System?

No. Your contact information will not be transferred from One Call Now to H2Notify. You will have to sign up separately for H2Notify. 

If you require assistance to sign up, please visit the District of Stewart main office or call (250) 636-2251